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Sri Lanka, a topical Island in the Indian Ocean is dotted with amazing beaches suited for all types of water sports. The warm waters along the coast encourage surfing, snorkeling and diving. The inland waters which are calmer are well suited for water skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing and dinghy sailing. The best time to visit the east coast in April to September and the south and west coast between November and April. As like other oceans and seas, Sri Lanka also has its share of coastal wrecks. On-shore reeks and coastal wrecks are ideal sites for diving to explore the wonderful underwater world. The High Commission of Canada is located in Colombo.

Canada Embassy in Colombo,Sri Lanka:

  Address Canada House, 254 Bauddhaolka, Mawatha, Gregory's Road PO Box 1006 Colombo Colombo
Telphone: (94) 695 841
Fax: (94) 353 829
Email: clmbo@dfait-maeci.gc.ca

Sri Lanka Holiday List 2016 :-

Sri Lanka Holiday List 2016 Date Day

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