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Among the seven countries of the Arabian Peninsula, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which is rich in natural oil resources is Canada's largest trade partner. Saudi Arabia's main imports are manufactured goods such as cars; aircraft, machinery and optical instruments, and their chief exports are petroleum and oil. The office of the Embassy of Canada in Saudi Arabia is situated in Riyadh. Since Saudi Arabia shares boundaries with Yemen, Bahrain and Oman, the embassy also covers these neighboring countries, and offers services to Canadians as well as other citizens. Saudi Arabia and Canada share many common interests such as peace and security issues. Besides these, energy security, counter-terrorism and refugee and humanitarian affairs are given prime importance by these two countries. The Saudi government plays a key role in promoting stability and peace in the region.

Canada Embassy in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia:

  Address 11th Floor, Ali Reza Tower, Madina Road PO Box 9484 Jeddah 21413
Telphone: (+966-2) 6530597, 0434, 4848
Fax: (+966-2) 6530538
Email: canada.consulate.jeddah@nazergroup.com

Canada Embassy in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia:

  Address Diplomatic Quarter PO Box 94321 Riyadh 11693
Telphone: (+966-1) 4882288, 0292, 0275, 0531, 1221
Fax: (+966-1) 4881997, 4880137, 4825670
Email: ryadh@international.gc.ca

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