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Israel's society, drawn from over 100 countries of the five continents is rich in its cultural diversity and artistic creativity. The country has several professional ballet schools and modern dance companies, including folk dancing. Orchestras, Symphony and Opera tour frequently in the country. The Israelites show great public interest in the theater covering the entire range of contemporary and classical drama. Artist colonies where painters and sculptors reside thrive in Israel. These artists exhibit their works worldwide. The Embassy of Canada located in Tel Aviv, Israel, serves Canadian citizens who are doing business in the area or are travelling and touring the country. Though a Canadian Representative Office has been opened in Ramallah to deal with issues related to Gaza and the West Bank, all consular activities are handled by the Embassy at Tel Aviv.

Canada Embassy in Tel Aviv,Israel:

  Address Rehov Nirim 3/5 Tel Aviv
Telphone: (03-23) 636 3300
Fax: (03-23) 636 3381

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Israel Holiday List 2016 Date Day

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