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Hong Kong's most important economic activity is international trade. A center for free trade, restrictions are minimal and the market regulates the country's exports and imports. Though exports consist of goods produced in the country, re-exporting is the main component of its trade. Canada has a long-standing and comprehensive relationship with Hong Kong in commerce and politics. These two countries also share common values like human rights, individual freedom, rules of the law and deep-rooted historical ties. The Canadian Consulate in Hong Kong promotes Canadian business and investment not only in Hong Kong, but also in Macao and as a gateway to business in China. The Consul supports over 250,000 Canadians living in Hong Kong.

Canada Embassy in Hong Kong,Hong Kong:

  Address 11th to 14th floor of Tower One, Exchange Square, 8 Connaught Place, Central Hong Kong
Telphone: (+852) 28677348
Fax: (+852) 28477561
Email: canadaconsul.hkong@international.gc.ca

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