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The Dominican Republic is in the Caribbean, east of Haiti. It has natural resources of nickel, bauxite, gold and silver. It has a population of approx.9.9 million consisting of 73% mixed race, 16%white and 11%black. The official language is Spanish and 95% of the population practices Roman Catholicism. The capital of The Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo. The economy of the country has long been dependant on export of sugar, coffee and tobacco, with 60% of the exports going to the US. However, the service industry is now giving a boost to the economy. The Canadian Embassy in the Dominican Republic offers a variety of visa services to all categories of travelers.

Canada Embassy in Puerto Plata,Dominican Republic:

  Address Virginia E. Ortega, Edificio Isabel de Torres Suite 311 C Puerto Plata
Telphone: (+1-809) 5865761
Fax: (+1-809) 5865672
Email: pplat.canada@codetel.net.do
Web : www.santodomingo.gc.ca

Canada Embassy in Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic:

  Address Capitán Eugenio de Marchena 39, La Esperilla PO Box 2054 Santo Domingo
Telphone: (+1-809) 6851136
Fax: (+1-809) 6822691
Email: sdmgo@dfait-maeci.gc.ca
Web : www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca/dominicanrepublic

Canada Embassy in Santo Domingo,Dominican Republic:

  Address # 30 Maximo Gomez Santo Domingo
Telphone: (+1-809) 6851136

Dominican Republic Holiday List 2016 :-

Dominican Republic Holiday List 2016 Date Day

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