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Cameroon is situated in Western Africa and has as its neighbor Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea. It has natural resources of timber, bauxite and hydropower as also petroleum. Cameroon has a population of about 19.7 million consisting of various and diverse ethnic groups all of African origin. The official language is French and English although there are more than 24 other native dialects spoken. Cameroon depends mainly on its modest oil resources and agriculture but is not able to progress because of corruption. The Canadian embassy in Cameroon is designated as The High Commission and looks after the visa interests of a number of neighboring countries with regard to visa regulations.

Canada Embassy in Douala,Cameroon:

  Address 68, avenue Charles de Gaulle PO Box 2373 Douala
Telphone: (+237) 3432934
Fax: (+237) 3423109
Email: leguerrier@propme.com
Web : www.infoexport.gc.ca/cm

Canada Embassy in Yaoundé,Cameroon:

  Address Immeuble Stamatiades, Place de l'Hotel de Ville PO Box 572 Yaoundé
Telphone: (+237) 221936, 221822, 221690, 232311
Fax: (+237) 221090
Email: yunde@international.gc.ca
Web : www.dfait-maeci.gc.ca/africa/cameroon-contact-en.asp

Cameroon Holiday List 2016 :-

Cameroon Holiday List 2016 Date Day

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