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Austria is situated in Central Europe and is surrounded by Germany, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. German is the official language although they also speak an Austro-Bavarian dialect. Austria has a well developed social economy and international tourism is it's mainstay. Foreign investments are very high in Austria, and much of their economy depends on trade with Germany. About 74% of the Austrian population practices Roman Catholicism. Austria is an extremely cold country and is also famed for it's musicians and physicians. The capital of Austria is Vienna. The Canadian Embassy in Austria carries out multiple activities dealing with international trade, bilateral relations, as also issuing of visas for both tourist and business.

Canada Embassy in Vienna,Austria:

  Address Laurenzerberg 2/III Vienna 1010
Telphone: (43-1) 531 3830, 00
Fax: (43-1) 531 3833, 21, 06
Email: vienn@dfait-maeci.gc.ca
Web : www.kanada.at

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